PANEBRAS was set up in 2010, but the art of breadmaking has been already part of our history for longer than that. Our European ancestors, breadmaking lovers, left us the legacy of knowledge and love for the art of making bread.

The company began with a partnership established between friends who shared a fondness for good breadmaking; however, the incomparable flavor and high quality of their products is what made the company well-known in the Midwest region of Brazil. Presently, the company also caters for the international market and is currently entering the market in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Its headquarters are located at the satellite town of Gama, Distrito Federal, Brazil.

The company’s executive officers strive to ensure food safety of their products from the factory to the points of sale wherever they are.
PANEBRAS also counts on state-of-the-art logistics and appropriate vehicles equipped with proper refrigeration equipment, all of which aim at ensuring not only product flavor and quality, but clients’ satisfaction above all.

The company appreciates the value of a strong partnership with its clients and qualification as well as well-being of its employees. With a view to reaching such goals, it takes high-quality action while offering equipment under a loan for use contract, in addition to ongoing education and permanent support to all points of sale.



Our mission

Industrialize, commercialize and provide clients with products of excellent quality.

Our vision

To be an outstanding company in the domestic market due to providing products of excellent quality.

Our values

Ethics in human relations: respecting and recognizing the value of our suppliers, clients and employees’ well-being and satisfaction. Professionalism in marketing relations: respecting and fulfilling all obligations owed to our clients, suppliers and business partners. Respect in eco relations: respecting and preserving the environment.

The Panebras offers its customers a wide portfolio of products and services by aligning business expertise and logistics. Check out our lines:

French Bread

Cheese Roll

Cheese Cookie


Whole Grain Rolls

Sweet Bread

Milk Bread

Advantages of frozen bread

Working with frozen bread has a wide range of advantages.

  • Gains with the loan for use of ovens and cabinets (having a bakery without making use of financial resources);

  • Reduced financial costs incurred in the stocking of goods;

  • Elimination of risks regarding the quality of raw material (for instance, poor-quality flour, enzymes, dough enhancers and yeast);

  • Reduced production costs;

  • Decreased number of manufacturing professionals and labor costs;

  • Reduced administrative costs incurred in buying and manufacturing goods and managing staff;

  • Decreased number of employment claims;

  • Reduction of risks regarding manufacturing professionals’ inappropriate behavior (for instance, bad mood and instability to comply with high-quality manufacturing);

  • Reduced capital expenditure (for instance, dough mixers, dough roller, dough molder, etc.);

  • Reduced costs incurred in maintenance, insurance and depreciation of capital expenditure;

  • Gains with decreased raw material waste;

  • Reduction and elimination of product leftover;

  • Product standardization;

  • Increased number of clients due to standardization;

  • Practicality of offering fresh products every half hour;

  • Reduced costs incurred in managing physical spaces necessary for the stocking of goods and manufacturing, turning such spaces into points of sale and, therefore, raising the company’s profits;


Mr. João da Silva

I have worked with Panebras for more than five years. I know I can trust the quality of its products and rely on the time of delivery we agree on.


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